Electric Cadillac SUV Revealed in Teaser Images

Cadillac Logo | Greer, SC

Cadillac officially unveiled images of its all-new electric SUV at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Although Cadillac didn’t roll out a production-ready electric SUV, the automaker shared teaser images that showed off its aggressive styling. The teaser images show off sharp angles and a blunt nose with thin headlights, giving the SUV an intimidating stare, while athletic wheels give it a bold stance. Sweeping lines, clean cuts on each side, and a sophisticated grille lend a sense of luxury to its sleek design.

Cadillac confirmed that the model will hit the market within the next few years. The presentation gave no details about the new SUV’s name, pricing, drivetrain, or release date.

While many American consumers still demand combustion engine SUVs, electric SUVs represent a growing niche for automakers. An electric Cadillac SUV will fill a gap in the market and appeal to environmentally conscious drivers with a desire for high-end luxury. When it rolls on to dealership lots, the electric Cadillac SUV will take on competition like the Tesla Model X and the Jaguar I-PACE.

Cadillac wasn’t too heavy on the details when it officially unveiled teaser images of the upcoming electric SUV. The automaker didn’t share any pricing, drivetrain, or release date information.

While an electric SUV won’t arrive anytime soon at Bradshaw Cadillac, we have plenty of gas-powered luxury SUVs in stock right now.

A First Look at the Cadillac XT6 Interior

Cadillac XT6

The Cadillac XT6 has generated a lot of excitement, ever since the brand first announced this new addition to the lineup. Slated to fit between the XT5 and the larger Escalade in terms of size, the XT6 will be a luxury-oriented three-row SUV. Though we do know a few details about this model, we’ll have to wait until its first official unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show to discover more about it.

At this point, the XT6 seems to take its cues from a few different already-existing Cadillac SUVs. For example, its cabin is very similar to that of the smaller XT5. The interior features a large display that takes up most of the center stack, as well as similar gearshifts and digital HVAC controls. It seems to borrow the control dial of the XT4, however.

Another prominent feature is the large cabin capacity, which families and outdoorsy individuals are sure to appreciate. Thanks to a three-row seating layout, the XT6 can accommodate up to seven passengers.

Besides interior details, rumor has it that the XT6 will likely borrow the XT5 model’s powertrain, a 3.6-liter V6 paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission. This version generates 310 horsepower. Higher trims might get a twin-turbocharged engine for even more potency.

Contact us at Bradshaw Cadillac for more news about the upcoming XT6, as we wait for the brand to release the full specs for this model.

Cadillac Super Cruise Ranks Among Top Autonomous Driver Technologies

2019 Cadillac CT6

Cadillac recently beat Elon Musk’s famous Tesla brand in a semi-autonomous vehicle technology competition. Thanks to a new Consumer Reports study, we’re proud to say that Cadillac has one of the top autonomous vehicle technology systems on the market.

According to USA Today, the Cadillac Super Cruise system can steer, brake, and accelerate on limited roadways with minimal input from the driver. Not only are Cadillac technologies extensive, but they’re also fine-tuned to keep drivers comfortable and safe. In fact, they are so high-tech, Cadillac beat out Tesla’s Autopilot system in a string of recent tests.

“The best systems balance capability with safeguards — making driving easier and
less stressful in the right situations. Without proper safeguards, over-reliance on the system is too easy, which puts drivers at risk,” said Jake Fisher, director of auto testing at Consumer Reports.

So why did Cadillac Super Cruise stand out? Well, unlike Tesla technologies, Cadillac uses a driver-facing camera to make sure that you’re engaged behind the wheel, monitoring safety. It also turns off the system if it notices that you’re distracted (largely based on eye movements), which is notably quicker and more effective than the Tesla system that uses hand engagement to test if drivers are paying attention.

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Future of the Cadillac Lineup

Cadillac Lineup | Greer, SC

One look at the busy morning commute and it’s obvious that SUVs and crossovers have become the go-to for more than one lifestyle. Cadillac has exceeded the standards for this style of travel, with the full-size Cadillac Escalade and the Cadillac XT5 crossover, both featuring sporty performances, luxurious designs, and advanced technology.

But the future of the Cadillac lineup is focused on another segment — the sedan. The current Cadillac CTS sport sedan will be reborn next year as the all-new Cadillac CT5 sedan. The new CT5 will help pave the way for a new era of design derived from the Escala four-door concept car from 2016.

A second brand new sport sedan will follow the release of the Cadillac CT5. The Cadillac CT4 is expected to make its debut in 2020. Like the CT5, the smaller CT4 will boast sweeping, curved roofs in the style of a four-door coupe. These new sedans will also be equipped with the very latest in technology, like the Cadillac Super Cruise autonomous driving system.

In addition to the fresh sport sedans that will make their debut in the next couple of years, the Cadillac lineup will also see the continuation of popular picks like the XTS sedan and the Escalade full-size SUV.

For more details about Cadillac’s latest developments, or to test-drive a shiny new XT4 crossover, stop by Bradshaw Cadillac.

2019 Cadillac XT4 to Feature Tripower Engine

2019 Cadillac XT4 | Bradshaw Cadillac | Greer, SC

The 2019 Cadillac XT4 brings high-end luxury to drivers who want to enjoy the finer things in life at an affordable price. The upcoming model innovates on several levels, including performance and efficiency. The reborn Tripower engine offers drivers three fuel-saving technologies that drivers will appreciate. Interestingly enough, the first General Motors Tripower engine arrived in 1957, and then was discontinued in 1966. Back then, however, the focus was primarily on performance, not efficiency.

Positioned as a crossover for younger drivers, the 2019 Cadillac XT4 model’s Tripower will introduce pleasing efficiency. Unlike similar engines of the past, the new Tripower engine focuses on fuel conservation rather than performance.

The 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine features three operating modes that cater to different preferences. Four-cylinder performance mode optimizes power, while the four-cylinder eco mode enhances efficiency. Two-cylinder eco mode provides the best fuel conservation, however, to suit frugal drivers.

The new Tripower engine includes cylinder deactivation, intake valve lift control, and active thermal management. A high-pressure direct injection system and integrated exhaust manifold help improve the turbo response time. An active oil management system and start-stop system aim to further reduce fuel consumption.

Visit us at Bradshaw Cadillac to experience the Tripower engine firsthand, when you take the 2019 XT4 for a test drive.

Changes to 2019 Cadillac Escalade

2018 Cadillac Escalade - Greer, SC
Image of 2018 Escalade

The sizable and sophisticated Cadillac Escalade proudly enters its fourth generation. It has consistently been a best-seller for Cadillac, and that may be in part because of the modern updates that come with each new year. The 2019 Cadillac Escalade will feature its own set of updates designed to anticipate driver and passenger needs.


New Hands-Free Tailgate

One of the biggest changes to the 2019 Cadillac Escalade is the tailgate design. This model year, the full-size SUV will get a hands-free tailgate that will feature a logo light. It will enable consumers to open the tailgate with a swipe of the foot, for easier loading and unloading of the vehicle.


New Sport Package

Luxury, Premium Luxury, and Platinum trims will be available with a new Sport package, which adds a unique set of features including a Black Ice Chrome-colored front grille, unique finish wheels, bodyside moldings, and a rear applique.


Updated Color Options

The 2019 Cadillac Escalade will also debut two new colors: Manhattan Noir Metallic and Shadow Metallic. These shades will replace two other hues, Midnight Sky Metallic and Dark Granite Metallic, that the model previously offered.


If you’re in need of a cavernous family-hauler with the latest convenience and unparalleled style, look no further than the 2019 Escalade. Test-drive it for yourself when you stop by Bradshaw Cadillac for a visit.

Cadillac to Expand Availability of Super Cruise Across the Lineup

2018 Cadillac XTS - Greer, SC

Super Cruise™ is one of the most advanced technologies in the Cadillac lineup. It is the world’s first true hands-free driving system for the freeway. It is currently available on the premium CT6 sedan. However, the availability of Super Cruise is going to expand across the lineup, starting in 2020.

Cadillac is also planning on adding its V2V communication system to one of its crossovers by 2023 and, after that, to the rest of the lineup.

“The expansion of Super Cruise and V2X communications technology demonstrates Cadillac’s commitment to innovation, and to making customers’ lives better,” said Mark Reuss, GM executive vice president of Global Product Development, Purchasing, and Supply Chain. “GM is just as committed to ushering in a new era of personal transportation, and technologies like these will enable it.”

With Super Cruise, Cadillac drivers will be able to drive hands-free on more than 130,000 miles of limited-access freeways in both the United States and Canada. The system ensures the driver remains engaged and helps alert the driver when it senses potential signs of drowsiness and/or distraction.

With V2V communications, vehicles equipped with this technology will be able to share important data, including hazardous road conditions, construction zones, and traffic lights. This information can help drivers avoid possible road threats.

For more information about Super Cruise™, contact us at Bradshaw Cadillac. You can also stop by to test drive one of the models equipped with this innovative technology.

Cadillac Debuts New CT6 V-Sport

Cadillac is combining the best of luxury and the best of power with the all-new CT6 V-Sport. This sedan is a fresh take on the classic CT6.

The CT6 V-Sport was developed to satisfy your inner speed demon. The 2019 CT6 V-Sport is set to have a 4.2-liter V8 engine under the hood, which delivers a truly unstoppable 550 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. A 10-speed automatic transmission allows for smooth gear transitions to enhance the driving experience. With all-wheel-drive, the CT6 V-Sport handles a range of road conditions with ease.

The CT6 V-Sport boasts sporty features on the exterior, like restyled headlights and taillights as well as powerful 20-inch wheels. It’s not all about performance features, though. An updated Cadillac User Experience infotainment system that gives you access to multiple apps through a 10-inch touchscreen.

Lyndon Lie, chief engineer of the CT6 model, emphasized the versatility of the sedan. “The CT6 V-Sport was developed for driving enthusiasts who want the best of both worlds: a high-performance sport sedan and a luxury car with all the comforts and technology that come with it.”

The CT6 V-Sport is much-anticipated for the 2019 year, which means even more details are yet to come. Contact us at Bradshaw Cadillac for the latest news about this exciting release.

Cadillac Escala Concept Honored as a Top Vehicle at CAS 2018

Cadillac Escala

The Chicago Auto Show is one of several major expos across the country that introduces the public to what’s new in the automotive industry. It’s a place where manufacturers can show off current and prospective vehicles, and where car enthusiasts can attend and soak up the exciting developments in the auto world.

This year, the Chicago Auto Show took place February 10th to February 19th. As attendees browsed the booths, they were invited to participate in the show’s “Best of Show” voting. The contest is a way of letting attendees share their thoughts on vehicles in the show, casting votes for categories like “Best Exhibit” and “Best Green Vehicle.”

This year, the Cadillac Escala won the most votes for the “Best Concept Vehicle.” If you’ve heard of the Escala before, it’s because this concept vehicle has become quite popular since it first arrived.

The Cadillac Escala debuted in 2016 at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. It has made its rounds in other auto shows since then, never failing to impress. The luxury Cadillac Escala combines utility with elegance, featuring a liftback for extra cargo space plus four-door coupe styling.

“Escala is a concept with two clear objectives,” explained Johan de Nysschen, president of Global Cadillac. “First, Escala is a statement of intent for the next iteration of the Cadillac design language, and also technical concepts in development for future Cadillac models. Secondly, Escala builds Cadillac’s aspirational character, signaling the brand’s return to the pinnacle of premium.”

Whether or not the Cadillac Escala will ever be one of the options at Bradshaw Cadillac and other dealerships remains to be seen. But, with all of the positive feedback consumers and experts are giving it, we’re sure it would be a top seller.

Easter Activities to Do with Your Family

Easter eggs

Easter falls on April 1st this year (we’re not kidding), which means it is not too far off. We’re already getting ready here at Bradshaw Cadillac. If you want to make some plans this year, here are some fun Easter activities for you to do with your family.

  • Plant a garden. Easter is the perfect time of year to welcome in the spring. Plant a garden to celebrate. Flowers like marigolds, petunias, and tulips will quickly brighten up any yard.
  • Do some baking. Along with creating a cute bunny-shaped cake, try a few traditional Easter recipes like shaped Easter bread and lamb.
  • Decorate your baskets. Buy some plain Easter baskets and let your kids have fun decorating them. Use ribbons, fake flowers, and other decorations to make a beautiful, unique basket. Use a hot glue gun to attach the decorations.
  • Take pictures. Easter is traditionally a time when we all dress in our best. While everyone is all decked out, take some family pictures.
  • Go on a hunt. Everyone loves hunting Easter eggs. Depending on the weather, either hide some eggs in your yard or around your house. We recommend using plastic eggs so if any are lost, you don’t end up with rotten eggs.

We hope you have a very enjoyable Easter holiday this year!