Emergency Kit Essentials For Winter Driving

Emergency Kit Essentials | Greer, SC

Although the South doesn’t usually see snow or ice, it is still a good idea to put together an emergency kit for winter driving. If you are in an accident or your car breaks down in chilly weather, the following items will come in handy.

Think about chilly weather

Pack some gloves and a hat just in case you need to make a long walk on a cold day. It’s a good idea to keep a blanket in your car as well in case you get stuck in the vehicle overnight. Add a phone charger, some energy bars and a jug of water, too. First aid supplies are a must for any emergency kit.

Pack the right tools

You never know when you will need a tool, so keeping a multi-purpose tool and some wrenches in your car are good ideas. Put them in a duffle bag in the trunk along with some jumper cables, a flashlight and a tow strap. A small fire extinguisher is a smart addition, too.

Be prepared

In case of a flat tire, keep a can of aerosol flat fixer in your trunk as well as an air compressor to re-inflate the tire. Add the number of your road service provider in your phone contacts and also write it down and stash it in the glove compartment along with a pen and note pad just in case your phone goes dead.

Make sure your car is up for the demands of winter driving by scheduling a maintenance check at Bradshaw Cadillac.