Driving Safety Tips for the School Year

Driving Safety Tips for the School Year | Greer, SC

We all want our kids to be safe throughout the school year. Check out the following driving safety tips for ways you can contribute to student safety on the road.

Stay safe at drop-off

Lots of parents drop off their students at school, but parking lots can still be a dangerous place. Make sure you park at the curb and don’t make your passengers cross in front of vehicles to get to the school. It’s also a good idea to start a neighborhood carpool to reduce the amount of cars in the parking lot.

Watch out for pedestrians and cyclists

Many students walk to school. As you drive to the school building, especially as you get closer, take care to make sure you aren’t blocking crosswalks at intersections. Watch out for crossing guards, yield to pedestrians and go the speed limit. If you see a vehicle stopping for pedestrians, do not pass them. Also, ensure you are being cautious of students on bicycles and giving wide berth to cyclists on the road.

School buses

Getting stuck behind a school bus can be frustrating, but take care that you are obeying traffic laws. If the bus is stopped to load or unload passengers, always stop and don’t go around it. Keep in mind the area 10 feet around the school bus is most dangerous for students so give the bus plenty of space.

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